Son of Skywalker : The Awakening
Group Exhibition

Special Events  |  TBA
Show Runs:  March 31 - May 7, 2017

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This spring, WonderCon makes its return to the Anaheim Convention Center, March 31 – April 2, 2017. In honor of this occasion – and being the Star Wars nerds that we are –  Artists Republic is proud to present the third installment of our annual Star Wars group show Son of Skywalker to coincide with WonderCon.

“Son of Skywalker : The Awakening” opens the weekend of March 31

Featured Artists:

Randy Noborikawa

Jeff Gillette

Brian Bent

Dennis McNett

Steve Thomas


Sket One

Martin Ontiveros

Lawrence Noble

Grigory Peppo

Ferris Plock

Michael Ziobrowski

David Blake

Johanna O’Donell

James Thistlethwaite

Cody Jimenez


David Blake

Luke Yates


Patrick Carrie

Brett Crawford

Jamie Lee Cortez

Justin Angelos

SOS The Awakening.Front