Super Future Kid
Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are
Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception  |  Saturday, May 7, 2016
Show Runs:  through June 26, 2016

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Artists Republic is pleased to showcase Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are, a solo show by London-based artist Super Future Kid. Super Future Kid flew in for the artist reception on Saturday May 7, 2016. This is her first solo show in the United States.

Super Future Kid’s mixed media paintings explore a wide range of subjects. Employing bold colours in oils, acrylics, gouache and spray paint, SFK combines an array of ideas, symbols, images and patterns to a joyful chaos that synthesises banality with the extraordinary. Her work provides a platform which is emotionally engaging and gives the observer an opportunity to discover places of a dreamlike reality. Super Future Kid attended the Chelsea Collage of Art and Design and the Academy of Art Berlin Weissensee where she graduated in 2008. Since then, she has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally in cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Berlin.

For Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are, Super Future Kid has continued her story in creating twelve new oil on canvas paintings. The new body of work draws inspiration from three things above all else – the world of plastic toys, the realms of dreams and the vastness of space. “Toys and particularly action figures provide a world of their own, intended to simulate some form or reality they open up a whole universe of possibilities for who they can be and what powers they might possess. Just as toys, so are dreams a simulation of reality. Every night we dream the most peculiar things and take it for granted that we can walk through walls or fly by simply taking a little run and jump into the air. And lastly there is space. I am continuously dazzled when I look up at a clear night sky. It reminds us how small we are compared to the hugeness of space by reducing enormous stars such as blue hyper giants, nebulae and entire galaxies to mere specs of light that feebly sparkle at us from a distance of millions of lightyears”

“I am constantly curious about the meaning of life. Who we are and what we are supposed to be and do in the time of our existence. Life is short, it is the time we spend between youth and death and I wonder what it means to hold on to the beginning, how far can youth be stretched, will it prolong our life? So the title ‘Extendable Realities : Change Everything You Are’ is a reference to the ever expanding possibilities of what we can be and what lives we could have if we wanted to.”

Super Future Kids works will remain on display in the gallery through June 26, 2016.