Laura Berger
Softer World
Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception  |  Thursday, November 3, 2016
Show Runs:  November 3 - December 31, 2016

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Artists Republic is pleased to showcase Softer World, a solo exhibition by Laura Berger.

Laura Berger is a full time artist working mainly in acrylic and gouache, creating works that focus on the connections of humans to each other, ourselves and the world. Based in Chicago, Laura is extremely successful and exhibits her work worldwide. Laura’s paintings are whimsical and light hearted, following her characters on their adventures in their colorful, calm worlds.

In her upcoming solo show Softer World, Laura is focusing on creating an escape from the violence happening around us; “Painting positive possibilities rather than focusing on darkness not only serves as a way to see through negativity or fear, but also has become very therapeutic as a daily practice for me. It helps to reinforce a sense of calm and to physically envision a peaceful world where we’re all honoring our connectedness and just hanging out together in a place of total ease.” Laura has created a body of work that truly makes the viewer feel good; successfully creating an escape from the negativity of the world. Her works are a direct reflection of Laura’s love of travel, adventure and curiosity.

She has created new works in her traditional acrylic and gouache medium as well as new works in ceramics for Softer World. “My goals are simple, I guess — I mostly just want to keep painting and learning, showing my work in spaces that feel good & getting to work with nice people. I love doing murals, ceramics, and animation work, so I definitely want to do more of that in addition to exhibitions…But honestly if things kept going just as they are I’d be nothing but grateful.”

Laura’s opening reception on Thursday, November 3rd will coincide with the fourth annual Art & Nature festival held by the Laguna Art Museum.