Opening Reception  |  Saturday, February 20, 2016 : 6-9pm
Show Runs:  February 27 - April 3, 2016

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Extended! Through Sunday, April 3rd

Artists Republic Gallery is pleased to showcase “The Riddle of the Universe”, the first ever solo show from artist Velia De Iuliis.

Velia De Iuliis is a San Fransisco based painter with a love for nature and animal species. Her research and delicate mark making is her way of better understanding the world around her. She draws inspiration from observation of nature as well as the works of 19th century zoologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. Velia is fascinated by not only the anatomical beauty of reptiles and amphibians, but also their evolution of unique tools for survival.

In her newest body of work, Velia’s emphasis is on balance and pattern in the natural world. Her medium of choice is gouache which is challenging but yields stunning, rich color. She begins her pieces by constructing a composition through geometric shapes and motion oriented marks. Her subjects range from aggressive beasts to peaceful insects yet they are each handled with such delicate and intricate detail. It is clear in her work that she focuses on symmetry and uses designs in nature as her reference. Velia strives for her work to bring hope and curiosity, in contrast to our world that is so often violent and destructive.

Artist Statement:

My work reflects what has fascinated me throughout my life. Themes of symmetry and patterns found in nature as well as nature itself are the avenues that both inspire and captivate me. Science, philosophy and art are tightly bound but to better understand humanity I have to first understand the natural world we live in. History shows us that humanity can be destructive; at times unpredictable, disloyal, selfish and cruel.  I continue to find peace and hope within the natural world where instinct is unwavering and questions are answered.

In choosing to paint flora, fauna and animalia, nature never ceases to fascinate me. Following my instinct, I don’t plan my pieces; instead I first find facts that captivate my attention such as the complexity and lineage of a species but sometimes its their sheer beauty that inspires. I hope that my paintings portray the wonder and constant curiosity I have for this special world, a world where creatures help me to better understand humanity.

About Velia:

Velia De Iuliis (born 1990) was raised in San Francisco, California where she still resides.  Her paintings predominantly reflect her fascination with symmetry found in nature in contrast to the chaos that can be found in an urban world.  She received her BFA with distinction in Illustration from the California College of the Arts in 2013. Velia’s shows include the ‘Into the Woods’ group show at the Maeght Gallery (October 2015), a painting for the Imagine Bus project (November 2015), Athen B. Gallery show (January 2016), LA art fair in partnership with Artists Republic Gallery (January 2016) and her first solo show with Artists Republic Gallery, The Riddle of the Universe (February 2016).