Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception  |  Saturday, July 23, 2016 : 6-9pm
Show Runs:  Show runs July 23 – August 14, 2016

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Artists Republic is pleased to showcase YOWZA, a solo exhibition by Andy Davis.

Andy Davis has made a successful career through his highly recognizable surf inspired art for over twenty years now.  His work has been shown in galleries all over the world as well as translating over to clothing and product design.  His trademark surf art has had a cult following since the 90’s and he continues to produce new works out of his studio in Encinitas, CA.  Andy says of his work; “[it has] evolved by years and years of being influenced and inspired by things that make me happy.  A big part of that is the lifestyle revolving around the ocean.”

For his upcoming solo show, Andy is going to be re-working past themes.  This body of work will be a continuation of his previous solo show from last year.  “The process for the show is a makeshift grocery list of ideas and concepts that I have been working and re-working over the past year. It will be the second course from my last solo show… For that particular installation I was focused on evolving from the last show I had and omitting the obvious surf centered connection to a more abstract version that still had my touch and feel.  There were no waves or boards in any of the pieces.  But there was plenty of movement color and flow.”  Andy is an artist who remains authentic and honest in his work.  “I think it’s fairly easy for me because it’s what I really love. It doesn’t seem like work if you love it….stay true to yourself.”



Andy Davis was born in California and grew up between San Diego and Orange Counties.  Art became a part of his life at a very young age, after hours of play, he would recreate his experiences of the day by drawing them with crayons.  Later doodling became Andy’s escape from the classroom; he dreamed of being on his skateboard, or at the beach surfing.  After high-school he was accepted to art school and attempted to play by the rules, however, he felt trapped all over again.  This time he was old enough to do things his way so he made the unconventional decision to leave school for good.  After years of drawing freedom on paper, Andy had his first real taste and the truth is, he liked it. Today, his brand supplies beach wear to the thousands of cult followers who have remained loyal to Andy’s clothing since the 90’s. Davis currently lives in Encinitas, CA with his wife, Ashley and son Noah. He is a devoted surfer who spends his days at the beach, designing clothing, traveling and preparing for art shows around the world.