Opening Reception | Saturday, July 11, 2015 : 6-9pm
Show runs July 11 – August 16, 2015
presented by Vans

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Special Guest Artists :
Jim Houser
Ferris Plock
Michael Sieben
Todd Francis
Natas Kaupas

Artists Republic is proud to announce Geometry & Light – a summer solo exhibition with legendary skateboard graphic artist Don Pendleton. The show will feature brand new works from Don as well as never before shown older works. Don has also invited six artists to participate in a “friends” section. The show will include works by Jim Houser, Natas Kaupas, Michael Sieben, Todd Francis, Ferris Plock and Fos (Mark Foster).

Don Pendleton’s work is highly recognizable from his decades of illustrative work in skateboarding. From 1998 to the present, Don has been one of the top artists and graphic designers for the skateboarding industry. Working with companies like Alien Workshop, Element Skateboards, Vans and Volcom, he has seen his work used for over 688 skateboard graphics as well as television commercials, music posters, and murals across the globe. Don had his first solo museum show at the Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia in 2014, and in 2015 Don won a grammy award for his art direction on the Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt album.

Pendleton’s new works for Geometry & Light are very personal, “For me, art is most fun whenever I can experiment and evolve, and so I try to let that occur naturally. So I hope it’s a very slow evolution that makes sense in context with my other work. Even going back to those old Alien Workshop graphics from the late 90s, there is still a very common thread between my early work and my current painting. Style is a very natural thing…it’s almost an instinct or a visceral reaction and that has to be there when I start and complete a painting. The last thing I want is to put something together and not recognize myself in it somewhere.”

Geometry & Light coincides with Don’s artist series shoe release with Vans, and opens Saturday July 11th, 6 to 9pm.

About Don Pendleton:
Don Pendleton is an American artist whose techniques range from creating digital and hand painted artwork for his legendary body of skateboard graphics to original acrylics on canvas for gallery shows, murals, conceptual art, and installation pieces that merge linguistics with his narrative artistic vision.

His aesthetic compositions resonate from linear organic cubist creations and similarly move to more expressionist forms that deal with issues of communication in a narrative, visual context. He often incorporates references to insects, animals and ambiguous characters to complete his finished compositions. These equivocal Archetypes are in constant interaction competing for space within the linear composition of the painting creating a confluence of tension and issues of communication that is a metaphorical reflection on the state of contemporary society and culture:

“I was always drawn to this idea of people cohabiting the same space and the conflicts that arise on a regular basis within that space. Whether it’s war or arguments or brushing shoulders or stepping on toes, there’s a consistency within the line and the space but at the same time, there’s tension and conflict and potential for fights. All of that appeals to me when breaking up the space and creating a piece. I like the tension, I like the potential for conflict that people might recognize but I also like that there are characters in there that are basically on top of each other who may look confused or perfectly at ease within the chaos.”

While the preponderance of his artwork is centered on his linear organic cubist, expressionist style, he continues to explore different new techniques to aesthetically complete each project he engages.