Opening Reception | Saturday, June 7, 2014 : 6-9pm
Special Musical Guest | TBA

Show runs June 7 – June 29, 2014

Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow is proud to announce all new works by Robert “Sticky” Shaw, June 2014. 

Choosing to bring awareness to endangered and precious animals, Sticky’s all new series features polar bears, Japanese spadefish, tree frogs and rare birds. Continuing in his vibrant-hued study of memory, love, loss, and pain, using backgrounds stamped with authentic memorabilia and street-art inspired chaos, Sticky’s new work has a definitive human footprint making his message of awareness and activism ever more poignant.

Sticky: “Our world is changing so much right now. We’re going to see a lot in our lifetime. Our children are going to get this mess of a world, but the animals are the ones that are going to feel it first.”  

Joining Sticky’s new series will be works curated by the artist, including new original paintings by Valient Himself and Tyler Wolf (members of the North Carolina rock band Valient Thorr), Timothy Karpinski, ODXT and two collaborative pieces between Sticky and Los Angeles artists Lauren Over and Paige Smith. Additionally, Sticky’s original paintings depicting characters created for Lib Technologies snowboard graphics in 2013 will be on view.

About the Artist:

Robert ‘Sticky’ Shaw was born and raised in Newport Beach, CA. Having struggled with learning disabilities growing up, in high school he turned to art as an escape from the traditional school structure. He thrived on the creative freedom he was finally allowed and has made art the most important aspect of his life ever since. However, if you ask his friends to define him, not all of them know him as Sticky the Artist. To many others he is All-Access Sticky, going from one gig to the next and mingling with the biggest musicians of the moment.  Still to others he is Sticky the Snowboarder, constantly out of town at some amazing mountain like Mammoth, Whistler, or Breckenridge. He’s always on some fantastic adventure to who-knows-where but art and his family will always bring him home.