New work by Nick Simich, Brian Bent and Duffy

Opening Reception | Saturday, February 1, 2014 : 6-9pm
Special Musical Guest | Ragged Ol’ Sailor
Beverages provided by | Pizza Port Brewing Co.

Show runs February 1 – February 23, 2014
1st Thursdays Art Walk | February 6, 2014

Show Catalog

Artists Republic 4 Tomorrow is excited to present the February art show “Never Fast Enough,” a renegade-inspired exhibition that brings together three west coast artists who each uphold successful artistic careers and endeavors though rarely have works seen in Southern California gallery settings. For this reason, the exhibition promises to be a fresh look at a timeless aesthetic. Patrick “Duffy” DeArmas, Nick Simich, and Brian Bent subscribe to varying concepts of vintage as they explore worlds of imagined bizarro – and culturally iconic – characters. Together, Never Fast Enough is a study on born rebels, born losers, and being born somewhere between the dividing lines of history.

Opening photos by Sam Crane


About the artists:

Patrick “Duffy” DeArmas is one of the hardest-working artists we know. Migrating from Arizona to the great Northwest, he found a home in the skate and snowboard industry. The combination of those experiences and influences shaped his interest in street art, being out late at night, punk rock, hot rods, the fifties, old advertisements, vulgarity, and more. The majority of his work is a mash up of real found imagery and his own variations of my inspirations. The Themes that he finds himself drawn to mostly are the old, rare, occult, off color, monsters, ghouls, advertisements, underground, lowbrow, custom culture, tattoos, and just the generally weird. He currently resides in Seattle, WA, working full time running the creative firm Electric Coffin CS Co. and creating art in his free time as “Duffy Creative Manufacturing.” This will be his first time showing at AR4T as a solo artist, he has previously exhibited with Electric Coffin and Boxes of Death.

Nick Simich was born in 1979. He is a Capricorn. He likes music. He likes crude humor. He likes surfing. Brush pens, X-Acto blades, glue sticks and copy machines are rad. Screen printing is sort of his thing. Old stuff intrigues him, unless it’s really old. He hates mushrooms. His claim: “I am not an artist.” This will be his fourth time showing at AR4T.

Brian Bent is the San Diego-based artist behind 20 years of Becker Surfboards stores’ interiors from Encinitas to Malibu. His art appears on United 50 Clothing, Stance Socks, Power Balance bracelets, and Hot Rod Garage Sale. Self taught and influenced by the ‘Contemporary’ period of design, fashion, and architecture of the turn of the century through the mid sixties, Southern California artist Brian Bent’s dynamic illustrative paintings, interior design/builds, sculptures, and racer cars are high energy with ranges from definitive flying rhomboids and vibrant colors to the elegance of a smooth surface and muted tones. His works generate momentum, and each piece begs its viewer a journey worth the taking. Bent’s style is a blending of figurative painting with bold geometric constructivist imagery and is reminiscent of the linear abstract textile designs of 50′s designers and artists such as Lucienne Day. He is a master of re-purposing material with an inadvertent tendency toward recycling. His resourceful eye imagines new life from that of a discard, while his gifted ability manifests the inspiration to its completion in an instant. In this way, there are no lines, no definitions which can completely categorize the diversified works which daily pour forth through his gifted physicality. Whether it is in surfing, music, writing, painting, design, fashion, sculpting, car building, or whatever else sets his soul afire, the result brings one into the joyful world which emanates through all he touches. This is his first time exhibiting at AR4T.





Never Fast Enough 2014