February 2016, Artist’s Republic Gallery, curated a special exhibition for Brandstater Gallery at La Sierra University in Riverside. The exhibition titled Women of the New Contemporary, showcased the work of 30 female artists, and included special installations by Martha Rich and Deanna Templeton, along with presenting five outdoor murals.

Participating artists:
Amanda Marie (Denver, Co), Alea Nicole Hurst (McDonough, Ga.) Camilla Taylor (Los Angeles, Calif.) Casey O’Connell (San Diego, Calif.), Dee Dee Cheriel (Los Angeles, Calif.) Handiedan (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Hilary White (Florida), Jovi Schnell (Berkeley, Calif.), Kati Williams (Richmond, Va.), Kelly Tunstall (San Francisco, Calif.) Laura Berger (Chicago, Ill.), Laurie Hassold (Costa Mesa, CA), Lisa Congdon (Portland, Ore.), Liz Brizzi (Los Angeles, Calif.) Magdalena Wosinska (Los Angeles, Calif.) Mel Kadel (Los Angeles, Calif.), Paige Smith (Los Angeles, Calif.), Super Future Kid (London, England), Velia de Iuliis (San Francisco, Calif.).

Special installations:
Martha Rich (Philadelphia, Pa.) and Deanna Templeton (Huntington Beach, Calif.)

12’x12” works from Southern California artists: Jennie Cotterill (Huntington Beach, CA) Chantal de Felice (San Clemente, CA) Yevgeniya Mikhailik (Irvine, CA) Camilla Taylor (Los Angeles, CA) Suzanne Walsh (Santa Ana, CA) Sara Walsh (Los Angeles, CA) Jessie Keylon (San Diego, CA) Lauren Over (Los Angeles, CA) Nancy Chiu (Irvine, CA) Erynn Richardson (Riverside, CA),

Exterior Murals:
Casey O’Connell (Encinitas, Calif.), Velia de Iuliis (San Francisco, Calif.), Martha Rich (Philadelphia, Pa.), Jennie Cotterill (Huntington Beach, CA) / Yevgeniya Mikhailik (Irvine, CA) / Nancy Chiu (Irvine, CA), Zio Ziegler (Mill Valley, CA)


Cartwheel Art : http://www.cartwheelart.com/2016/02/18/preview-and-save-the-date-for-women-of-the-new-contemporary-in-riverside-sunday-february-28/


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